Posted on: February 17, 2010 10:42 am

Michigan Football 2010 Season

I have read articles that are predicting 9 wins this coming season.  Am I being rediculous when I predict 6 wins?  Obviously it is too early to make any predictions when spring practices havent even started and the sting of the previous two seasons is still fresh in my memory, but I am going to anyway!  Here is how I see the season going.  First off Michigan plays an up and coming UConn team and wins a close game 34-28 to start 1-0.  In the second game of the season we travel to Notre Dame with their new coach, new QB and no Golden Tate.  I dont know why, but I have a bad feeling about this game.  Maybe because Floyd will be healthy.  Michigan was TERRIBLE on the road last year and ND is a tough place to play (even with a new system and new QB)  I think this will be a close game but Tate Forcier can not duplicate his late game heroics of last season and Michigan loses 30-28 to even their record at 1-1.  The following 2 games are ego boosting games against Umass and Bowling Green, Michigan handles both easily with a combined score of 90-38 and Denard Robinson gets a lot of mop up duty to gain experience.  Michigan is now 3-1 heading into conference play.  I am not predicting the Indiana game to be as close as last year.  Michigan leads at half 17-7 and pulls away in the second half to a 37-24 victory to open the Big 10 schedule.  Sitting at 4-1 Michigan hits the tough part of the schedule with games against Mich. St., Iowa and Penn State.  I see Michigan losing all 3 with scores of 38-35, 24-17 and 21-20.  I think that we can beat Lil Sparty, but am not going to call it a lock.  This will even up their record at 4-4 and we have a much needed lull in the schedule with games against Illinois and Purdue.  Michigan should win easily at home against Illinois and become bowl elidgible with a win at Purdue.  Season record is now 6-4.  I dont see Meech beating Wisconsin at home or Ohio State in Columbus.  Add that all up and Meech becomes bowl elidgible for the first time in three years with a 6-6 record.  If the defense comes together and everything goes Michigan's way, I can see them beating either Notre Dame, Lil Sparty or Penn State, but not all three.  If they could manage 2 more wins from those 3 teams, their record would then be 8-4, but I am not expecting the defense to be that improved until 2011.  I think a bowl game and win will keep RR around until 2011 when Meech will begin it's comeback to prominance with a team full of sophomores and juniors instead of freshman and sophomores. What does the rest of Michigan nation think?

Posted on: October 31, 2009 7:58 am

MIchigan Going Bowling

With two true freshman running the team, we are going bowling after today. I am predicting a Michigan win today to make them bowl eligible. Michigan 34, Illinois 24. Minor will run for 150 yards and win the time of possession battle. I am looking forward to a game today that should be a sure win. This game will also give our 2 freshman quaterbacks the much needed experience and confidence boost that they need. I have not seen Forcier moving forward in the last few weeks, he has looked like the true freshman he is with bad decisions and throwing into double or triple coverage. Some say that his shoulder is hurt worse than Michigan is letting on. I don't buy it. I think he is just making bad decisions......and throws for that matter. I would like to see Forcier roll out on more pass attempts with the option to run. He seems to be more accurate on the move than in the pocket and I have noticed that although he is pretty fast, he is not quick. By rolling him out, he has a better time running. I have noticed that Forcier doesn't seem to be able to get to full speed quickly like Robinson can. Forcier needs to build up to full speed. I think both QBs will play today and Michigan comes out with bowl eligibility. GO BLUE!

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